Thursday, January 12, 2017

Monterey Car Week "Nine over Nine..."

One of the projects over the last few months I've been involved with is a new coffee table book coming out, called "Nine over Nine." If you have ever been to Monterey Car Week during August, this will hit home. The background on the book, "Nine over Nine" was nine photographers shooting over nine days last August. I was contacted along with 8 other extraordinarily skilled professional photographers to cover as many of car week events and document them with photos capturing as many classic shots as we could. To be part of this is truly exciting, and to see it come to print is one of the highlights of this past year. It's now in the "kickstarter" mode and I've included a link for that, as well as some images of pages from the book. Be sure to click the link for more info on the book and watch the accompanying video.

Here's the link for the project, "Nine over Nine."

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