Friday, July 10, 2020

Being Relentless



This is a detailed "Limited Edition" called "Can-Am Champ" a 16"x 24" print infused into metal with my custom brushed 20"x 28" backing. It's signed, wired, and easy to hang. All it takes is a 25lb picture hanger nailed into you wall. I have it printed and ready to go, so I can get it out to you ASAP. This Porsche 917 is the exact car driven by George Follmer to the Championship. Start off right by adding this to your collection!

Priced at $595 including shipping in the US.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Need Some Car Art?

Hi all,

Need some art for your walls? Need to create the ultimate refuge to hang out? Let's make your office, cave room, or car space a little more custom and leave the chaos of the outside behind. How about a "Limited Edition" print on metal? Meet "Henry" the classic Ford image.

This is a 16"x 24" print infused into metal with my custom brushed 20"x 28" backing. It signed, wired, and easy to hang. All it takes is a 25lb picture hanger nailed into you wall. I have it printed and ready to go, so I can get it out to you ASAP. Start July off right by adding to your collection!

Priced at $595 including shipping in the US.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

How about You?

Hi all,

A while ago, I fell into conversation with an friend. He had asked me how I had become interested in cars and photography. I told him about how I would set on the curb with my best friend in front of my friends house and watch the hot rodder across the street work on his car. Neither of us were even close to our driving age and needless to say, we really didn't know what he was doing to his car, but it sure sounded good when he would race up and down the street with his '59 black El Camino! That car was so cool, jacked up in the back with chrome exhaust pipes hanging down. I can still remember it today and I still have soft spot for '59 El Camino's in my heart. Funny how things stick with you. So, I guess that's were the car thing started with me.

The photography part was home-grown because my dad was into photography with a dark room in our home. My parents would take me to the beach in San Diego before I could drive, drop me off with a 35mm camera and long lens to take surfing photos. The fun part was getting home and watching the magic in the dark room.

Life is not much different with me now, creating images on a computer at home rather than a dark room, other than no surfing images and no film, just digital.  So, I guess this was kinda' an "Acorn story" big things grow from small things.

Now, even you know a little about me.

Just a reminder. I have some very cool Corvette images in my "Monthly Hot Buys" Gallery. Check it out and you can order a print or two with 20% off. Here's the link: Monthly Hot Buys

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Friday, June 19, 2020

My Art on Metal

Hi all,

Thought I would tell you about my "Limited Edition" prints on metal and why I use it.

In my metal process, the ink is first printed on paper and the paper is put into a heat press machine, infusing the ink off the paper into a sheet of aluminum. The reasons I use this for these prints are several:

1. It presents with an awesome glossy finish that does not have as much refection as glass. This shows the print much better.

2. It's incredibly durable and UV stable. In fact the metal prints can be suitable for outside use.

3. This medium will clean easily with a micro fiber cloth.

4. For these "Limited Editions" I then mount them on a custom brushed sheet on aluminum 2" larger all the way around the print. The print is raised about a 1/2" off the backing.

5, They come with a hanger and wired on the back, ready to hang with a certificate of authenticity. .

Prints on metal do come in different surfaces as special orders, Matte, and Satin..

1. Gloss- My standard "Limited Edition" print. A shiny finish which creates the most pop in color in the image. That's why I like these!

2. Matte- Ideal if glare or excessive refection is a problem.

3.Satin- In between Gloss and Matte.

All three surfaces are a fantastic way to get that beautiful piece of art for you space. Feel free to reach out to me if you have a question.

PS. The print below is named "Underbelly."

Friday, June 12, 2020

Dad Need a Cool Phone Case?

While talking with a buddy at a cars and coffee, my cell phone rang. Not that this was unusual, but my friend spied my phone. He asked where I had gotten the cell case. I replied I print them off my photo site and gave him a card. I guess if it's worth putting phone to ear, it's worth doing it in style. I've just added some new phones cases to my site, and it will only take a minute or two to find one just for you. And there is no better time other than right now to do it. I even have them for the "iphone 11." Here's the link to where to find these and many more:

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Time For A Drive Yet?

Has the pandemic kept you off the road up until now? It has me, but now it appears things are opening up. Maybe if I'm lucky, I may get out to do some shooting in the near future. In the mean time, I've been offering more on line because all the shows that I normally do have either been postponed or canceled until 2021. Boy, what a year...

Here are two custom barn wood framed archival prints. The prints are 8"x 12" matted with white, framed, signed, wired, ready to hang and enjoy. The one on the left is, "Filler Up" and the one on the right is called, "Henry." You can order them separably or booth. Each is $125 including shipping hear in the US. Isn't it time to one of my prints on your wall?

Framed Prints

"Filler Up"


Saturday, May 23, 2020

Tres Bandidos

Hi all, how many of you like bikes? I do. I remember riding a "Bultaco" back in the day as a teen. Never told my parents at the risk of being on restriction for a lifetime. You know that was...anyway, do you have one of my prints hanging on your wall. If not, maybe it's time. Here's a custom framed deuce-ace print of three vintage American classics, Harley, Indian, and Sears. You're just in time to get "Tres Bandidos" for Memorial Day and the start of summer.

All three images are infused onto metal with a unique barn wood frame. If you like bikes, this is for you! The individual prints are 8"x 12" with the overall size of the framing, 33"x 16".  They are signed on the back, wired, ready to hang and enjoy.There is only one of these available, so don't miss out. It's $450 including shipping in the US.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Still No Where To Go

Now that we all know what it feels like to be held virtual prisoners in our homes, it makes us realize what we used to love. All those cars and coffee gatherings, and art shows. And what's a good art show without vendors? I miss meeting people and hearing their stories. One story I remember, was a "Bar Find" '63 Corvette that had been sitting for 50+ years because a service man had gone off to fight and never returned. That car has now been restored and is in the hands of someone that truly valves it's history.

Speaking of Corvettes, do you have one of my prints hanging on your wall?  I'm continuing the "Work From Home Art Promotion" to help you customize art for your work-at-home space. On my website I have a gallery called, "Monthly Hot Buys" and all the images in that gallery are 20% off the listed prices.  If you find an image in that gallery, it can be ordered by clicking on it and in final checkout in the coupon code area use the two words, Hot Buys. Then "Presto" a lower price!
These are Corvette images and you can shop virus-free.

Here is just an example of two of the images in that gallery.

Remember, if you don't want to fame it yourself, you can order one already framed off my site.

Check out that gallery at:

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Friday, May 15, 2020

A Shout-Out!

Hi all,

Hope this post finds you safe. While many of us are working from home, that's not new to me. The time I spend editing an image is always done at my home computer, so for me life goes on. And speaking of home, I had a friend and collector stop by to pick up his recently purchased limited edition print of "Underbelly."

A big "Thank You" to Tom Dietrich the owner of EuroSpec in Escondido for getting this metal double float 24"x 24" for his shop office. So, if you stop by his shop with your Porsche, ask to see the print. Thanks, Tom!

Monday, May 11, 2020

A Fearsome Beast

You can set the tone for your space with this fearsome beast image. The Factory RSR was just that for both drivers and competitors. It's the results of passion, spirit of engineering, tradition and craftsmanship. The goal was to to master the challenges of international GT endurance racing. Porsche considered this car the spearhead of the 911 family. Hence, the name of this image is, "Spearhead." Now you can have one of 30 printed.

This is one of my limited editions infused onto metal with the custom brushed metal double float backing. The print is mounted off the backing by about an half inch, giving it a 3D look. It's signed, wired, ready to hang, and enjoy. This print is a 16"x 24" with the backing of 20"x 28" for $595 including shipping in the US.  You'll love it!

Pictured above is the 24"x 36" edition.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Just a Gas Station

As you probably know, I'm drawn to make automotive images, and for some strange reason I think gas stations hold some past life significance. Well, maybe not, but I still think they are cool if looked at in a artistic kind of way. Maybe it's the angled coverings, lights, mechanical pumps....I really don't know. Are they art? When I think of art, I think of it as a very useful tool; it provides use with a connection. When we want a richness in life we look at images of sunsets, mountains, flowers, or even cars, and maybe even an image of a lonely haunting gas station at night.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Mother's Day Collection

Mother's Day is May 10th, make it unforgettable. This shelter at home stuff has probably been trying for her. So, bring the outdoors...inside with this specially curated collection for mother's who are anything but ordinary. These unique gifts of art are beautiful succulent botanical 12"x 12" archival prints framed in 17"x 17" black museum quality frames and with extra thick white mats.

Mix and match with these, get one, two, or more. There is only one each of these available, so don't miss out. They are hand signed, colored, wired, and ready to hang. A great buy for Mother's Day at, $150 each and that includes shipping in the US.

Shop Mother's Day Collection!

Botanical Blend Collection

Botanical Blend #1

Botanical Blend #2

Botanical Blend #5

Botanical Blend # 10

Botanical Blend #11