Thursday, May 16, 2019

Pre-Father's Day "Flash Sale"....

That's right! Plan ahead, a Pre-Father's Day "Flash Sale" on two artist proofs, the only two printed and framed. These two are...bold...beautiful...and dangerously attractive! You need to pay attention to the details in these, a "B-25 and Trainer." They are wired and ready to hang with classic custom made barn-wood frames. You won't be disappointed! I'm offering these at half price to my blog followers  before they head to my FB page. That's $175 each or $300 for both. Plus shipping. How can you pass that up? By the way, if you're not into planes they make great gifts.

The detail: both are 16"x 24" infused prints onto metal, and are archival color stable. You can grab one or both with this button.

Metal Prints

Mitchel's Bomber

Flying Gold

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Rev's Up... Porsche Spyder

The Porsche Spyder, arguably the first car purpose-built for the race track by the manufacturer. A classic style, made with hand formed aluminum, and served up fresh in 1953, powered by the awesome four cam engine.

Imagine sitting behind the wheel, watching the tach climb, as you rocket down the track with this new print!

The "Rev's Up" archival gloss print is 16"x 24" infused into metal with the double float mounting that I use for my limited editions of 30. This is the "Artist Proof #1" with an elegant style that never dies.

You can live the dream for $595 plus shipping.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

April is in the book

April 2019 is in the book....

This leads me to send out your print-out/cut-out/pin-up calendar for the month. A little "May" freshness. Have a good one, all!


Monday, April 29, 2019

ArtWalk...The Aftermath....

ArtWalk is over and it's curtain closing time....

First, "Thank You" to those of you that came by to say hi and another Thank You to those of you that found a new piece of art to take home with you! I always remember the smiles when you say, "I'll take it!"

To those of you that signed up for my blog, "Welcome!" It's great to have you on-board. You'll encounter photos here that are sharper than a saber-tooth's smile. When you receive my posts, I encourage you, if you have questions, please reply to the post.

I thought I would share some photos from a very sweet weekend, check these out....

Monday, April 22, 2019

Mission Federal ArtWalk Has Arrived

One of my favorite shows to do is here. "Mission Federal ArtWalk" held in the bustling community of Little Italy in San Diego. How can I go wrong with the aroma of fresh made Italian food drifting through my booth for two full days! However, the real reason I love doing this show, is I get to talk to so many people about my photography.

This year I'm showing "Trains, Planes, and Automobiles" with a few "Trailers" thrown in for good luck.  All of the info is on the flyer, so come see me, say hi, and just maybe find something you can't live without.

One hint: take the trolley and it stops a half a block away from India and Cedar where I'm located.

Friday, April 12, 2019

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Kicking in the time machine door and thinking back. It could have been used for trips to see Mount Rushmore, maybe a trip to the Salton Sea, or the back woods for a trout fishing outing. Was it a family haven from everyday work and school for the kids? Was it towed behind an oversized Caddy, a "Four hole" Buick, or the everyday work truck? We will never know, but we can dream of those days long gone when this trailer was the king of the road.

This is a new image from my trailer series. It includes the classic Airstream called "Solitude," and the small canned ham trailer image called "Hormel." Looking closely you can make out the barely visible name painted on the side. It was wearing the appropriate name of, " Spartan Mansion." So, who am I to take that name away from its past glory.

I present to you "Spartan Mansion."

Saturday, April 6, 2019

A Spiritual Experience

Main street in "My Town."

An unmistakable sound rises above the bluster. Mighty. Spiritual. Literally. At least to a little kid in my make believe world with my train set sharing space in the family garage. The locomotive passed  through the crossing on said street. Yep, I have been fascinated with trains from an early age, starting with an "American Flyer" moving on to "HO."

When I spotted this engine no far off the road in the middle of nowhere, something said, "You've got to capture this." I hoofed it about a mile when the black top ended down a dirt road with camera, tripod, and other gear, with the oncoming storm moving in.

So, I present, "Loco Grande."

It's going to be one of my featured images at the "Mission Federal ArtWalk" April 27-28 and the "Laguna Art-A-Fair" this summer.

It is infused onto metal as a 24"x 36" with a classic barn wood frame, and it's ready to go if you can't wait. Shoot me an email and say, "I've got to have this!"

Friday, March 29, 2019

Spring has Sprung

Yep, time to get out and drive, blow the cobwebs or mice out of the exhaust. Does this conjure up good thoughts of hitting the road? It should....get that sense, touch and smell of your ride again!

For me, I'm trying to measure out my time between all of that above and getting ready for one of my big shows of the year. It's listed on the bottom of this months pin-up calendar. Print it, cut it, and stick it up to get a months view of the iconic Shelby Cobra Coupe.

Friday, March 22, 2019

It Was a Good Day

It's going to be a pleasant memory. Out of 240+ entries to the San Diego Museum of Art Artist Guild Gallery 21 show, 45 were chosen to be displayed. My Image of the Airstream trailer called "Solitude" came away with one of the six awards given out, an "Honorable Mention!"

I would like to say "Thank You" to those of you that came to the reception! You guys rock!

Now on to my next big show called "Mission Federal Art Walk" in Little Italy, April 27-28. I'll be set up on the SW corner of India and Cedar streets. Hoping I see you there!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Gallery 21 Show

Hi all,

If you are in the area I want to send out an invite to one of the shows I currently have work juried into. If you can make it to the reception, I would love to say hi.

The piece in the show is a 16"x 24" print infused onto metal with a barn wood frame, call "Solitude."

Shown in a larger format.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

The Caddy...

I have not scoured the entire globe, nor the entire internet, nor that perilous void know as the dark web, to find its equal, but I have done some looking. This Caddy just spoke to me, so it had to be put into print.

Here's your monthly calendar to cut and post on a surface of your choosing...

Monday, February 25, 2019

Heading to Amelia Island Concours...

Are you heading to the Amelia Island Concours this year? Well if you are, be sure to stop by the "Garage Graphics" booth. They'll be there from March 7- 10th. They're bringing a whole new look with their display and including some book signings and new prints. Why do I mention this you ask? I'm one of their represented artists, and you could always order one or more of my prints from them. So be sure to stop by at the Ritz-Carlton and say hi for me, I'll be hanging in San Diego getting ready for some of my shows coming up.

PS. The image in the middle of the display is from my, German Essence Gallery.