Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ferrari and Futurists

It's no surprise to most of you, I'm sure, that I like vintage cars. Cars that are works of art. Oh I know they are not like we get today from local dealers, heaters that work, air conditioners that keep us cool, and radios that we can actually hear while driving. But still, give me a vintage car to make me dream while I'm driving...

Well speaking of classic cars and art, they are having a meeting at the crossroads, at Heather James Fine Art Gallery in Palm Dessert until January 30, 2017. It's a show called "Ferrari and Futurists - an Italian Look at Speed." The show features four very rare Ferrari's such as, a 1950 Ferrari 166 Inter Berlinetta, a 1951 Ferrari 340 American Berlinetta, a 1956 Ferrari 250 GT Speciale, and a 1963 Ferrari 400 Superamerica. The show was curated by Donald Osborne. They are presented in an absolutely beautiful setting along with classic and contemporary art, from artists such as Banksy, Picasso, Calder, Rockwell, and Claude Monet.

You know I had to get my Nikon out for this. Look for a future art shot coming...

Here's a link to the show at: Heather James Fine Art

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