Monday, February 21, 2011

Joe Cocker ...Then and Now

There was a time guys, before auto-tune, before all songs were limited to 3 minutes to fit the radio so 8 minutes of commercials and promo could be played. It was a time before "politically correct" ruled the airwaves, and a time when Janis and Jimi were still singing , when you could feel music and not just hear noise...

At the end of the post is a video of Joe in his early days, 'air-guitar' and all, check it out...a weekend that went down in music history.

What's this got to do with cars? Check out Joe's latest release in 2010. It's the "Hard Knocks" album with him pictured in his crusty 356 Porsche. He says the car tells the story of real life and will be kept in its' full patina. Rock on Joe!

“I’ve spent probably more time on the streets than being educated. Fans who’ve been around long enough to remember me all those years ago will probably understand the album title.”-Joe Cocker

Of American Idol, ...“When you think of all the losers on that, who disappear into nowhere, it probably would have been more disillusioning for me if I had been in a competition like this – and lost, than to work in the pubs and come up that way."- Joe Cocker

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  1. (about this and to it similar cars) - I am sure that a true art = beauty don't grow old over time, as well as you Joe!