Friday, February 25, 2011

A Day In Oily Dirt

Ever do this when you were a kid? Well did ya? Back in the day, we would spend an entire Saturday digging through old local wrecking yards looking for all kinds of goodies! Checking out everything our senses could gather, with eyes like snails, our minds full of wonder in the exploration.

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There was no worry about things falling on us and no thought of the owner being sued back then, we lived in a day of pure freedom. The highlight that really made the old bone-yard outing...when we would find a car that had specks of blood on it. How our young imaginations would spin.

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  1. Things still fall on your here at Autobahn!!!

  2. Hi John,
    John Bessey Facebooked:

    "Nearly every weekend! Now thanks to lawyers and people that should have won the "Darwin" award rather than the "Legal Lotto" our playgrounds have been long closed!"

  3. Hi John,
    Cameron Facebooked: "It was my playground as a kid."