Thursday, February 17, 2011

Del Mar Concours ...Whoa, rain

I hear the ghoulish howling of the Amtrak 'blast' as it streams by the fairgrounds...daylight is just beginning to loom. Through the window of my parked car, my eyes fix upward on the omen of a murky sky, as the minutes pass I again remember why I'm here. It's to help a buddy of mine, Skip, prep his car for the Del Mar Concours. Trouble is, it's beginning to drizzle. As I see him appear with truck and trailer, I climb out slowly and click the door closed behind me, trying not to spill my coffee. Not a good day to be showing a car...but what the hell. It's a first time for this show, lets do it!

It's so easy to settle into the same old know, same ol', same ol'. I, like most, am just a creature of habit, even if I like to think I'm not. How about you? Do you go to the same restaurants, gas stations, bars, car events? I thought so. Problem is, when we do that we miss the cool events that pop up for the first time. The Del Mar Concours is a perfect example. Drizzle or not this show deserved to have more spectators. Classic setting, cool cars, a time to just sit back, take a break from everyday life and enjoy.

Here are some of fellow blogger, Nich's cool images of the event.

Palm trees set against a dull sky in SoCal.

These are just classic looks even with rain dripping off.

The judging went on no matter what.

The race cars even growled at the sky.

The rain didn't keep the bikes away.

Check out his other images here,

Often we run through life way too fast, rather than just letting it wash over us. Lets hope that later this year when this show makes its second appearance, everyone will jump on the bandwagon and come see. As the date for this show is announced, it'll be posted on the blog.

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