Limited Edition Prints on Metal

My "Limited Edition" prints infused onto metal come in a series of 30 each in two sizes. Each one is numbered and signed and includes a certificate of authenticity.

They come in print sizes 16"x 24" $595, or 24"x 36" $995. With the custom brushed metal backing framing the print, please add 2" to all sides. They are offset from the metal backing by 1/2" giving them a 3D finished gallery look. Included is a hanging frame on the back, wired and ready to enjoy.

It's easy to order. Please click the PayPal button, choose the size you want, and enter the image title in the PayPal comments. Simple as that, please allow 3-4 weeks for printing and hand assembling.

Scroll through the following collection and find the image/images you love!


Finished  infused print with custom metal
backing framing the print.

The infused print on metal is offset from
the custom brushed metal backing.

"375 MM Spider"
"Red Devil TR"
"Vignale 212 Europa"
"Maserati GP"
"Sir Stirling's 250F"
"Tipo 200SI Sport Internzionale"
"Carrera VDM"
"Four Cam"
"Rev's Up"
"Spearhead RSR"
"Along Came the 918 Spyder"
"Can-Am Champ"
"Fearsome No. 9"
"Makin' Eyes"
"Eclectic Gathering"

"Daybreak at Laguna"

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