Friday, December 29, 2017

Saving Some Bacon...

Hope you all had a great Holiday, just saying. I need to tell you about the phone call from one of my collectors two days before Christmas.

My phone started to blow up with a frantic call that went like this from Shannon, "They destroyed it by butchering the mat from the photo we bought from you a few months ago." "What am I going to do, it's a Christmas present!" She had taken the matted image to a framer and they had cut it too small to fit in the frame she had saved for it. I replied, "No problem, I'll re-mat it, sign and frame it for you, I'll have it for you tomorrow." We met, she gave me the sad piece, I took it home finished it for her and left it for her to pick up. You ask, "What the point of this post is?" It's how cool it made me feel to help someone out when they were in a panic. I guess that's what part of the holidays are all about.

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