Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Rolling the Dice in Vegas...

Doing my first Barrett Jackson art show in Vegas felt a little like I was rolling the dice. Not being an inexpensive three day show to do, would the gamble pay off? Well happy to report, it turned out good! But, the most awesome part of this show was the people I got to meet coming into my booth. I'll tell you about one couple. They walked in to check out my art, and in the process whipped out a cell camera and started taking a photo of one of my pieces. I popped up and asked, "Please no photos, it's not good for my collectors." Well after talking with them, I found out they were taking a photo to send to a partner. But, what was this all about?

As we talked I found out that Wayne and his wife were here to buy some wall art for a new Chevrolet Dealership they were opening in Sidney, Montana. By the end of the weekend Wayne had purchased 4 different pieces for the dealership, and a new collector was born. That was cool, but what really caught me, they were awesome people! Wayne shared photos of the new construction of "Gem City Motors" on his phone, and the excitement just oozed out! I wish them the all the best, and look forward to seeing photos when the art is on display at the dealership! All good on you guys, and thank you!

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