Monday, November 6, 2017

Drive Safely...

The Pegasus was registered as a corporate logo in 1911, however it wasn't until the mid-1930s that it began to appear as a promotional device on automobiles. Mobil started using it for their 1936 coast-to-coast "Economy Runs" by painting it on cars entered.

Post WWII Mobil became more engaged with motor sports and the Pegasus soon became a symbol in its own right. All kinds of racing could be seen sporting the red flying horse, from Indianapolis roadsters to sports cars, including Porsche, and other SCCA competitors, particularly those in Southern California. The Bonneville salt flats saw John Cobb's Napier Railton Special streak along at over 400mph in 1947 with two large Pegasus logos emblazoned on its streamlined nose. However, times change and by the end of the Fifties Mobil drifted out of direct sponsorship in racing and the Pegasus painted on cars also drifted away. But, that is not the end of the story. Porsche hot rods today have begun to wear the red horse again as if to say, "Don't count the red beacon out."

The one pictured above is a 1940s vintage license frame topper showing a life well lived. Interesting, back in the day, Mobil actually issued instructions for the correct positioning of their flying horse. Sheets of Mobil-licensed decals stated that the Pegasus MUST be positioned such that its nose is parallel to the ground.

The image that you see is printed on archival metallic photo paper and is matted and signed ready to be framed. I have it in two sizes an 8"x 12" for $55.00  or a 12"x 18" for $105.00. Both prices include shipping in the US. It's totally awesome looking in person! If you want to hang one in your man cave reply to this email post. Until then..."Drive Safely!"

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