Thursday, September 22, 2016

Eclectic Gathering...

As an artist, I'm always looking to make my photographs stand out, not just for the viewer, but also for myself. In my journey, I have had a tendency to lean my images a bit to the raw side with an attitude, seeking out ways to make my work different from the norm. I don't mind breaking the rules as long as it's pleasing to the eye.

This image is from my "Metal Exposed" show in Carmel during Monterey Car Week this past August. It's a 16" x 24" dye-infused print on aluminum with a double float backed by 20" x 28" bright brushed aluminium. The image is an A/P called "Eclectic Gathering" as the 356 cars sit next to each other as to be talking among themselves. If one only knew what the conversion was about...

Eclectic Gathering
You may purchase it here and have it shipped to your door, or if you're in San Diego, pick it up at my studio on 30th Street, $995 + Tax, shipping included anywhere in the continental U.S. or Canada.

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