Friday, April 22, 2016

"Mission Federal Art Walk 2016" is here...

"Mission Federal Art Walk, Little Italy" is just around the corner, in fact, it's going to hit us in the face. This April 30th through May 1st, Little Italy's vibrant streets will be spilling over with color for the 32nd year. It really does have something for every art lover and one of the things that makes it so special is, you get to meet the artists, over 350 of them. But, I'm not here to tell you about the other artists, I'm here to tell you I will have a booth full of sweet color botanical images, framed and ready to hang, as well as some special black and whites. You can preview some of my images on my site:

So, come by, check out my art, in booth 318, at the corner of India and Cedar. You never know, you may find that unique image that you can't pass up.

Here's a link to Mission Federal Art Walk.


  1. Some REAL talent shown here !
    Have a GREAT time---- wish I could attend.

    1. Thanks, Don! That would be fun if you could.