Friday, April 8, 2016

One of the Best...Dorothea Lange

When I think of photographers, my thoughts always turn to one of my favorites, Dorothea Lange. She was known best for her Depression-era photography for the Farm Security Administration. One of her best know images is one called "mere migante" (migrant mother), shot in 1936. The image was one of a woman holding her children under a tent in Nipomo, California. Lange had spent a month driving the central valley documenting what impact the federal programs had in the rural area, when she came upon the migrant camp. There's a link later where you can read in her own words what made her turn around on a rainy day when she saw a "Pea-Pickers Camp" sign on her way home from shooting. She only took 5 shots that day. One of them ending up to be her most iconic image.

Anyway, I was fascinated by the fact in this image, she was sitting on her car with camera in hand to get a shot.

Dorothea on her 1933 Ford Model C Wagon. The camera, Graflex 5x7  Series D. Photo credit Wikipedia

One of her classic shots from that day. You can read more about it in her own words at this link, Dorothea Lange.

"Migrant Mother" by Dorothea Lange


  1. Still such a powerful photo till this day. Thanks for the post, love reading your blog.

    1. Thanks, Kylie! I agree about the photo. And I appreciate your comment!

  2. ~ Been looking forward to reading this article since your Facebook post. Thanks John.