Friday, February 5, 2016

Coronado Speed Festival...A Chamber Day in Coronado

As the cars roared by during the Coronado Speed Fest, there was a click of my camera...caught it! A Chamber of Commerce shot with San Diego's skyline as the backdrop for a race image.

This is a commission shot of the ex-Jerry Kuhn Camaro, now owned by Mike Gagen. The back story of this image, goes like this. It needed to be an afternoon shot to have the sun radiating off the car, as well as the city skyline. The race group would only run once in that time slot, so I needed to find the location on the track to capture both at the perfect time. The camera speed and aperture was set so it would show a clear background, but blurred wheels and blurred foreground to relay a sense of speed.

Mike had the 24" x 36" image professionally framed, and here it is finished.


  1. John went hunting for this shot and he got it.
    The night before he took this photo he described it to me exactly.
    John, Thank you!

    As a career ATC I had to have a racing on runways poster.
    We should both race Coronado this year. :)
    Happy Landings, Mike G

  2. Thanks for the post! Love reading your blog. Really cool picture.