Saturday, February 20, 2016

Andreas Feininger

This is a rather unusual image for Andreas Feininger. I'm sure it was captured while he was on assignment for "Life" magazine, freelancing from 1943 until 1962. The reason for posting, I think it's just classic route 66 for those of us just that enjoy going on road trips.

Andreas Feininger image, Seligman Arizona, 1947

Feininger became famous for his dynamic black-and-white photographs of New York, other frequent subjects among his works were science and nature, as seen in his bones, shells, plants, and minerals in the images of which he often stressed structure. Rarely did he photograph people or make portraits.

During his career,  he wrote comprehensive manuals about photography, of which the best know is The Complete Photographer. He passed away in 1999. If you have some time google his name, and check out his very cool images of scenes of Manhattan back in the day.

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