Sunday, May 26, 2013

Peking to Paris Motor Challenge ...AKA. "Where the Asphalt Ends"

The "great Adventure" for Stanley Gold and Brant Parsons in the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge begins here. Well not really, it started about April, 2012 with the page on "Along for the Ride" at this link: Peking to Paris Build.

What started as an idea, lead to the building of a 1965 911, trips to San Diego's back country for testing and a pre-run rally through Canada into Alaska. But let's step back for a second.

Since the early adventurers first drove from Peking to Paris in 1907, "The Endurance Rally Association" has organized three further editions of this remarkable event, trekking through Inner Mongolia, the Gobi Desert, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, and into Paris, France. With this years event they will enter some of the most inaccessible countries and hostile environments in which to drive a car.

Stanley driving and Brant navigating the 1965 Porsche 911 next to the US/Mexico boarder fence testing in San Diego's back country. Image © Matt Parsons.
 To recap what has been done to the car after the Canadian pre-run, and to ready for this year's Peking/Paris event let's take a closer look. After the trip up north, the car was taken apart by Brant, checked for cracks and any possible part failures. Remember, on this 30-day, 7,500 mile trek they need to be totally self sufficient, that means carrying any spare parts that they could possibly need for the car, as well as their own personal items. The chassis checked out, however Brant decided to take fifth gear up one step. The car was raised 1/2" higher because the rear skid plate was damaged on one of the back country tests. A new skid plate has been added. The tires were changed to 1/2" taller profile Pirelli 6-ply van tires rather than the previous Max Sport tires that suffered with some sidewall bubbles from the last go round, and a "Yellowbrick" tracking system as well as GPS was installed. Stanley and Brant plan on trying to save the car as much as possible during this event, rather than doing 100mph desert runs. The goal is to finish.

Back country testing. For soft sand the tire pressures will be reduced from 39psi to 29psi.
 Image © Matt Parsons
For personal items, they will be sleeping on 8 inch air mattresses and each has a two man tent. The tents are the secure type, to guard against scorpions, poisonous vipers and wild dogs at night. Each was advised, and obtained, rabies vaccinations to guard against any possible attacks.

Looking forward, come along with "Along for the Ride" as the blog reports on this remarkable adventure, with 8-12 hour driving days...and adventure of a lifetime!

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  1. Stanley Gold and company just passed through the Austrian Alps and met up with my biz partner Franz Wittner and his buddy Ralf Lehner.