Thursday, May 30, 2013

Peking to Paris 2013 Upate #2

The Stanley Gold, Brant Parsons adventure continues...

At 3,000 plus test miles prepping for the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge, Brant commented, "I hope we have not worn out anything in the car!" Well, the time has come to take it to the street or dirt, which ever happens first.

The Porsche 911 was picked up at the port serving the Peking customs containment warehouse with the 100 other competitors cars. Just a side note, Stanley and Brant's car is one of two Porsche 911's in it's class, along with three Porsche 356's and three VW's.

The 100 entrants in the customs warehouse. Stanley and Brant's 911 in the lower left.
The order of business was to repack the car and place the items back in the roof rack that were stored inside for the shipment. The only things left on the rack were two wheels and tires and two fuel cans. The shipping was handled through Richard Clark of Cars UK. After the car was reorganized, Stanley and Brant made their way back to the hotel in Peking, first stopping to fuel up. The car had to be shipped with only a quarter tank of gas. Also, mentioned in the first post, the car was to contain a "Yellowbrick" tracking system, however, the Rally coordinators are unable to provide live tracking for this event. Unfortunately, the tracking equipment has been detained by Chinese customs authorities, and the situation is now out of their control.

As you read this they left Peking and are in-route competing in the Challenge after taking a few days prior to the start to visit some of Pekings cultural sights. In the next post, we'll see if they caught up with the "Mongolian Death Worm" yet.

Brant on the left with Stanley. Tourist time. Image © Stanley Gold

Image © Stanley Gold
Pre-start with a wet day.

Number 64 about to hit the road. Image © Stanley Gold

Image © Stanley Gold

On the road outside of Peking, with Brant driving.

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  1. here is the offical web site and a great place see "Rally Reports " to follow along .
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