Friday, May 24, 2013

Just Thinkin' About The Indy 500

With the Indy 500 here at the end of May, it takes me back to when as a kid, I would wait with anticipation to crank up the radio and listen to the "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing"... It was a magical time, before it was broadcast with moving images on TV, just the sound coming out of the crackly speaker, and an imagination to take me there as "Back Home Again in Indiana" was belted out. How about you?

Anyway, here's a cool ol' image of a 1955 Indy Pace Car, a Bel Air with wide whities...and now I'm feeling like having a cold swig of milk.

Sadly, photographer unknown.

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  1. David Wilson emailed: I still miss Sid Collins.

  2. Don Lee emailed: Debut of the Chevy 265cu V8 I believe.....great car!