Friday, May 17, 2013

"Eres un Payaso"

The backstory began about a year ago with a Lowrider Culture Art Display and Car Show at the Oceanside Museum of Art. Growing up in SoCal this would be the perfect opportunity to wrap my mind around this lifestyle. Off I went to do a story for the blog, which was "The Art of Lowriding." But, read on for more of the story...

So where's this all lead? Well, about a month ago I was explaining to blog follower Steve Lopez, how I wrangled to get one of the museum car show participants to pose for a shot. I relayed to Steve that I had asked this one dude, dusting off his low and slow, to step around to the front of his ride, cross his arms, stare at me and look tough. As I told Steve the story, he just looked at me and said, "Eres un Payaso." He then quipped, "You're lucky you can still walk." Then added, "There's a huge lowrider gathering coming up at the Chicano Park Celebration in Barrio Logan." We agreed to meet the day of, so he could show me some of his homeboys cars. Naturally, I arrived early to grab some photos and not seeing Steve anywhere, I placed a cell call. "Steve, where are you, I'm the only Anglo here and I'm feeling pretty outnumbered!" He replied, "I'll be there in a few, don't piss anyone off!" I then queried, "I brought one of each, a blue and a red bandana, which do I wear to fit in?" There was a long pause, then came "Eres un Payaso...don't wear either!"

Steve arrived, showed me around, introduced me to some of his bro's, I shot some pictures, ate a few tacos, and had a grand ol' time. It seems this is a once a year celebration for the dedication of this beautiful park, that was started in 1970. It's home to the country's largest collection of outdoor murals painted on the overhead bridge abutments depicting the local Latino heritage...very cool. We decided to split and head our separate ways back home. As he headed off, he turned, winked and mumbled "Eres un Payaso." I guess that means we're really buddies now, and I fit in with these guys.

"Eres un Payaso" -sa m,f (persona) you're a clown

This was sooo cool, never saw one of these before, an original clip on "Thermometer."
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  1. Nice Job John! I really like your photo style. Great piece! I will post a link!

  2. Love the colors in the 2nd to last picture. Very fun. Auto Wrap

  3. BRAVO amigo ,Rico