Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Some Good News

It's been a long time, but getting some good news on doing shows this year is very welcome, indeed.  It looks like Mission Federal ArtWalk San Diego is going to happen on Saturday, April 24 - Sunday April 25 held again in Little Italy. I'm sure we will all be wearing masks, but at least it's going to happen! I'll post more news on this show as we get closer, and where my booth will be.

Now to something that I have been thinking about posting. It's one of my double floats printed on metal with the brushed metal backing. This image is called "Patina Queen" and comes in various sizes.

This '53 Porsche coupe wears its well lived life emblazoned on its surface for all to wonder about. What roads did it travel, what scenery did it pass, and did it make its way along route 66 traveling from the East Coast to the West where it ended up? Questions that may never be answered. But as you and others gaze at it, thoughts come rushing in. Can I make "Patina Queen" yours?


  1. Hi John, that is good news....great to hear it. BTW, I'm taking a long break from FB....say hi to Monique for me.