Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Rising To The Top

 Hi all,

Sometimes there's events that we attend and the best way to describe them as the "The Cream rises to the top."

Luftgekuht (Air-Cooled) was one of them in 2019 before all this craziness happened. For those of you that have not gone or heard of it before, it celebrates the Porsche air cooled cars with a special show once a year. These cars were made from the beginning in 1949 to the last one in 1998 (Liquid cooled there after). For the Porsche enthusiasts, they hold a special place in their hearts. The 2019 show held in the back lot of Universal Studios with over 6000 in attendance and 600 cars in the show, the high-lite was the awesome Porsche 917 set in front of a vintage movie theater.

I shot this image as a remembrance of that special day at Luftgekuht. It's available in different sizes printed on archival photo paper suitable for framing. You can find it on my website at the following link. Check it out. 


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