Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ramona Dragway / This Sunday

Take a step back with San Diego Raceway at Ramona. Here's an old flyer for the races announcing what winning paid for the different brackets. What really caught my eye, was the $2 admission fee. Whoa, where can you go today, smell the pungent buring tire smoke, feel the roar of engines beat through your chest, and have that much fun for the same amount of money? It's a time only in memory.

I don't remember who won this grudge race between Schartman and was some 45 plus years ago, but I do member both cars were badass. My money would have been on the Comet, I was a Ford guy. Here's a video of 427 Comets and Thunderbolts racing back in the day. Check it out.

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  1. Keith Nelson emailed: Very cool! Thanks! Oh and Randy won because he was driving a CHEVY!

  2. Jonniehotrod emailed: Thanks' John, that was great!!