Thursday, April 21, 2011

Laguna Seca Can-Am 1970 / Some of The Guys Getting Seat Time

Here are more never before seen images from photojournalist Bob Lapert, with a look at some of the drivers that were running at the Monterey Can-Am at Laguna Seca in 1970. This was before Porsche came to dominance with the 917 race cars. The McLaren was the name of the game back then, with their heart pounding Chevy engines.

Denny Hulme went on to win the event in his McLaren M8D with a time of one hour, twenty-five minutes. Image © Bob Lampert.

Peter Revson driving a Lola T220 Chevy came in 3rd. Image © Bob Lampert

Tony Dean on the right with his Porsche 908/02 failed to make the start due to an accident affecting the steering rack. Dick Barbour is seen on the left. Image © Bob Lampert

Chris Amon in a March 707 Chevy finished 4th. Image © Bob Lampert

Here's a shot of a support race with the Porsche 914/6 cars starting one-two. Notice the infield  and the large crowds that gathered for this race. Image © Bob Lampert

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  1. I think that those two 914-6's, at the front of the Support Race, are Ritchie Ginther and Alan Johnson.