Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Badass Chicks

So I got to thinkin' about the 'Badass Chicks' in one of my posts and guess what? It's true, there's a German version of the Badass Girls...what more did you expect with a Porsche in the '65 cult film? It's a belted, buckled and booted adventure.

Here's a short 'english' trailer with Steven King's ultra cool song mixed in. The clip has the girls playing chicken, racing their cars through the badlands somewhere in the desert, probably El Mirage.

What do you think of that desert 'Mountain Range'? A comment is worth a click.


  1. Ron Facebooked: John, I watched the clip. Are there any cars in it? I think I missed them looking at something else.

  2. Keith Nelson emailed: Love those Grand Titons!

  3. Bullethead has left a new comment on your post "Badass Chicks":

    The 356 happened to be Meyer's personal car.
    Low budget grindhouse flix are sadly just memories... as are the baddass chicks from our day that sported Tura's cleavage!

    Nowadays, hooters like that tend to be Memorex.

    And no way would the German language title have been allowed in the US-of-By-God-A at the time.
    Gotta find that poster...