Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cheap Thrills

Every once in awhile I like to twist things up a little. A friend of a friend, of a friend, of a friend turned me on to this show. It was held at a local steak house with a large parking lot....a bunch of dragsters and gassers were on display. How did the local hot rodders react? Good gawd almighty! Crowds of eager admirers drooled over the machinery.

Here are some photos...check them out! Very Cool stuff.

This is a vintage front engine machine with a blown Hemi. This photo shows why they are called "Rails."

Another vintage front engine dragster, newer than the last, notice the front suspension and wings.
The business end of a rail with a set of slicks ready-to-race. Ever ask yourself, "why are they so narrow?" There are several reasons, just a few; the rear tires catch less air this way, less weight, and as the dragster accelerates the rear tires want to toe in even with one straight axle from end to end...the narrower they are the less that will happen. At 300MPH the tires will grow in diameter about 5-7 inches and only about 8-9 inches of rubber will be on the ground.

This is the engine out of the car above, blown small block.

My favorite car of the show, a '41 Willys gasser. Just looking at the stance of this car, it just wanted to jump!

Every now and then, they would fire one of these up and people would react like poking a stick in an ant to watch and listen!

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  1. Rich sent this in to me.

    John- I love getting updates from your Blog. The last one you sent reminds me of the days I use to love going to Englishtown in Jersey to see all the drag races in the late 6o's and early 70's and then to the Mile High Nationals over by Green Mountain and the Foothills Hogbacks near Morrison, CO.