Thursday, June 24, 2010

908/03 Through Brian's Eyes

This is a great video of last years Monterey Historics as seen through the eyes of Brian Redman...driving a 908.

This car was fielded under the Bruce Canepa Tent. It's a 908/03 from the Collier Collection. The 908 cars had a flat-eight engine and there were only 13 produced in '69-'70 and two in '71, so the cars are quite rare. One interesting note, Porsche R & D put a 908 engine in a 914 to give to Dr. Porsche for his 60th birthday back in the day.

The video is a little over 9 minutes long and has some great Porsche footage for those of you that did not make the Porsche Year at Monterey. The year 2009 was Steve Earle's last year at putting on that event which he started in 1974.

Anyway...check out the's cool!

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  1. There were two 908/6 built. The one for Dr. Porsche's birthday present had carburetors and a de-tuned flat 8, but Dr. Piech's had a normal race tuned 908 engine with fuel injection.