Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Shelby GT350 Reborn...

Shown in this image here as a 24"x 36."
I've always wanted one, but never had one, and maybe this is my chance.The Venice crew is going to replicate the original run of the GT350! Yep, members of Carroll Shelby's original "Venice crew" have resumed production of the super cool "R-Model" of the Mustang GT350. This is coming with official approval from Carroll Shelby Licensing and the Ford Motor Company. They plan to make 36 to match the original production run, each revised to have independent rear suspension. You say, "That's not original", well it was tested in 1965 but not adopted. The new cars well come with a new front valance and redesigned Plexiglas rear window.

I'm sure the cost will give some nose-bleeds, me included. But, never fear if you always wanted one, but never got one like me. You can still have a Shelby GT350. It's a smaller size of 16"x 24" print on metal floated on a metal backing and it's awesome. This is printed in gloss and is numbered with an edition of only 30. A close up view of the image is below. The cost including shipping in the US is $595. So here's your chance to get a GT350!

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