Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Durability and Maintenance of prints on Metal

Many times at art shows I'm asked about the durability and how to take care of the prints on metal. Well, it's pretty simple. As for durability, they are about as archival as you can get. The print is actually embedded into the surface of the metal under heat and pressure. They are totally color stable, however as with any piece of fine art, I wouldn't hang them in direct sunlight. One thing to check for, if the print is larger than 14"x 14" they should come with a full metal frame on the back.

When I assemble these to my custom brushed metal backings, I use a bonding agent that is water proof and pretty much indestructible.

As for cleaning, plain rubbing alcohol for a streak-free look is the best to use, with a soft or micro-fiber cloth. That's about all there is to it guys. They'll last a lifetime with unmatched clarity and color!

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