Monday, June 5, 2017

The Compressor Gallery Collection

What could be said about the famous livery on the 1988 Porsche 962C, Chassis no. 962-138? Everyone knows the color of "Jagermeister." This 962 packs a 3-liter twin-turbo and was campaigned for two years in the FIA's World Sports Car Races. What makes it special, it boasts the only Porsche officially-certified full carbon tub ever made offering strength and safety over the...aluminium alternative. A rare racer, indeed! And now you can own it...

Introducing one of the "Compressor Gallery Collection." These are smaller art pieces made just like my larger ones seen at shows and the "Gallery By The Sea Carmel." with my custom double float design. Why this size, you ask? Some simply just don't have the room for the larger pieces, and these can be collected and grouped together. The gloss image is 8"x 12" floated on a custom brushed metal backing of 10"x 14" signed on the back and including a hanger ready to be put up and enjoyed. Be the first to collect one of these. $185 includes shipping in the U.S.

Compressor Gallery Collection, "Orange Crush"

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