Wednesday, September 30, 2015

End of a Run... Porsche 918

After 21 months of building, the last Porsche 918 rolled off the production line in Zuffenhausen. The super-car was built with the idea that it would be a limited edition, with only 918 units being produced. To that end, it pioneered innovations that will help Porsche continue as a high performance builder. Porsche has stated that those innovations found in the 918 like adaptive aerodynamics and rear axle steering have already made their way down to the next generations of 911s. I say, good on them!

Back before the super sports car made its way into owners hands here in the states, I was able to get a photo shoot. The one you see, is my favorite. It's the "bling power" of the engine lid that drew me. I can't think of any other machine out there that has the exhaust venting out like this, truly looks like something from outer space.

I did a face mounted acrylic of this for a friend, that won an award at the annual Porsche Parade, and I gotta' say, I think it's awesome! If you have a 918 or know of others that do, please share this post with them. Prints are available at this link on my photo site:

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