Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Don't Call Me Late...

Call me whatever you want, but don't call me late for this event. What event? The annual gathering of Porsche 356 cars at Dana Point.

Once a year in July there is arguably one of the best Porsche 356 Shows/Concour in the world. A few years ago I was making my way around checking all the jewels and I came upon an '52 pre-A Cab shown by Cam Ingram from Road Scholars'. I noticed the impeccable interior with the Telefunken radio and it shouted, "Take my picture!" I asked Cam, he opened the door for me and I got this shot.

"Telefunken" is 16" x 24" printed and face mounted on acrylic to achieve a stunning presentation, and includes a wall mount. It's UV protected and absolutely glows under light. Perfect for the den or office. It's 1 of 1 as the artist proof. Ready to hang and enjoy. $395.00 + $45.00 to ship anywhere in the continental US or Canada. SOLD