Friday, July 11, 2014

Insider's Guide to Monterey 2014...

This must have been the "Revenge of the Google Nerds" on me.

Now you gotta' know I'm no Tech Monkey or Code Geek, wish I was, because if I was, I could figure out why "Feedburner" was no longer sending out my blog post. That's right, all you guys that signed up for blog updates, were not getting them. So, it was time to switch over to another blog mailing service. This is the second going out with that new service, and it's secure. No spamming coming from me, why, because I hate it as much as you. Your email won't go to anyone, because I also hate that. You can still unsubscribe any time you want, although why would you want to? It's a blog about cars, their history, artistry, events, and creative car photography.

Anyway, with August fast approaching, the return of the Monterey Car Week is looming. One of my personal favorites of the week is the "Carmel-By-The-Sea Concours." This show is always a delight to see with new attractions every year. And what better setting can you have, but the main street of Carmel, with an eclectic variety of cars to check out as well as shops for your better half to keep them busy. It's a guaranteed "Smile Buster!" Here are a couple of shots from last years event...

Now on to the guide for the week. If you click on this link to the Calendar of events and scroll down to August 11-17, you'll see a complete list, along with event links. Enjoy... Car Kulture Kalendar

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