Friday, November 15, 2013

Just the Timing...

While shuffling through the hot stagging lines at the local strip, this caught my eye. A guy sitting in his Willys just passing time. I grabbed my camera and pulled the trigger. After posting the shot on Facebook one of my friends made this comment..."The competitor with his hand relaxed on the wheel, the boot propped in the door well, and the look of earnest patience etched on his face. All inside the hollowed out cockpit of an iconic treasure..... it all speaks volumes." - Don Lawrence.

Yes it does Don...

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  1. Great photo of Kiwi Kev John. He has an amazing garage collection of auto parts, tools memorabilia in his Ventura home and opens it up during the Ventura Nationals show in Sept. You and your camera would love it and you must go, BOMONSTER

  2. John, that photo is downright painterly... Giclée print on linen, stat!

    Beautiful image.

  3. Bad Ass ! Beautiful photo John. Between your photo and the Gentlemen depicted, we are born to do what we do!