Saturday, September 28, 2013

Coronado Speed Festival...Caught by the Lens

If you road race up Laguna Seca way, you may recognize this image of the ultimate car cantina, shot in Carmel Valley. However, this post is not about that hangout. It's about the recent Coronado Speedfest and shots of some badass machinery. The photos from this event form a bridge between past racers and current drivers looking at time through the rearview mirror.

Given voice by their authors, all photographs are storytellers. Weather the engine is not beating, or the car is sliding through the corner teasing the edge, a photograph is a moment suspended in time. I've been asked by friends to capture their rides with a digital image.

You can find them at the link below. If you ran the event and don't see a shot of your car, contact me, I have others.

Along for the Ride...Image Works / Coronado Speedfest.

Baja Cantina in Carmel Valley
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