Friday, December 14, 2012

Don't Make Me Smile...

"Cheese," "Whiskey," "Smile," and other mouthy encouragements are calls from photographers, except in the case of rock musicians, where it's important for onlookers to think rock is a serious business. As Magnus remarked, "I'm smilin' on the inside," just before I snap the shutter...indeed he is.

Magnus Walker should be smiling. Through hard work, creativity, and plain ol' street smarts he has put the Porsche early 911 community on the map with his documentary film, "Urban Outlaw." Some may choose to look the other way, but there is no denying it and his building in downtown Los Angeles is a temple to all things early 911...with a twist. I've always figured that a man's garage, as well as being an efficient workspace, can be a menagerie of lifes objectives, parts hanging, tool boxes cracked open, posters nailed to the walls, shelves full of used stuff and ideas-in-waiting. Magnus's garage is none the different, it's a place of creative incubation. Take a look at the film again if you haven't already, by clicking here. But, enough of the chatter, what was waiting as the stars looked down on the brick warehouse?

Sometimes those stars align and this night had it all. It was an after hours gathering at the end of the "press days" of this years L.A. Auto Show, that included the Porsche Factory "suits" in town for the new Cayman's revile, along with some personal friends there to celebrate Magnus and Karens well deserved success. It's kinda' cool to see a true enthusiast make this amount of impact by thinking outside of the box, and not being afraid to dream big. As friends gathered around the outside building drive before heading into the inter sanctum, where the multitude of cars live, Detlev von Platen, CEO/PRESIDENT of Porsche North America, thanked Magnus and reflected on how an older car still relates to the Factory's future mission.

As the welcome formalities ended, the doors to the garage were pushed open, and the partying began...

Magnus and Karen Walker our hosts for the night.
What a way to end a day hanging out with Porsche enthusiasts, friends, fine food, beer, wine...a temporary escape from everyday life. Monique and I wore smiles as we headed back to our hotel...

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    1. Bob, you're on the mark!

      And those of you reading these comments, click on Bob's name. He has a totaly badass blog! One of my favorites to read and check out the photos.