Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Through The Looking Box... Monterey Motorsports Reunion

The mere act of making your way around a race track, camera hanging from your shoulder, seems to make sweet-spots appear like volunteers at each corner. Peering through the viewfinder at the Monterey Motorsports Reunion this year was the center of my universe as I pushed the shutter button on the looking box.

These shots are of fellow blog followers as they wheeled their rides around the track, as well as a few random pics. Enjoy.

The year of the Shelby Cobra at Monterey Motorsports Reunion. Image © "Along For The Ride"

Donn Vickrey from Competition Classics raced his GT 350. Image © "Along For The Ride"

Ranson Webster had his Porsches ready to race. Image © "Along For The Ride"

Don Anderson leads down the "Corkscrew." Image © "Along For The Ride"

Monterey Motorsports Reunion. Image © "Along For The Ride"

Kaid Marouf puts the power down in his 1960 Alfa SZ. Image © "Along For The Ride"

Lance Smith thunders the "Bud" car through turn 4. Image © "Along For The Ride"

Just a fun shot with the camera. Image © "Along For The Ride"

Donn Vickrey of Competition Classics also ran his Shelby King Cobra.
 Image © "Along For The Ride"

Hans Lapine had the only 914/6 GT in the race, pictured in turn 9.
 Image © "Along For The Ride"

Dennis Adair leads a pack in his '59 Lotus Elite. Image © "Along For The Ride"

More fun with the camera. Image © "Along For The Ride"

Yves Junne at the wheel of Stanley Gold's 904. Image © "Along For The Ride" 

Karim Marouf ran his 1955 MG TD hard. Image © "Along For The Ride"

Porsches were everywhere. Image © "Along For The Ride"

Kevin Adair out of turn 11 onto the straight in his '55 Elva. Image © "Along For The Ride"

Yep...a Cobra year! Image © "Along For The Ride"

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  1. My personal favorite is the MG-TD. I have always loved that car...after all I had the MGB-GT. :+) Wish I had the money now!
    Mary Ellen Goldberg

  2. John your photos are like golden nuggets of joy, waiting to give and give and give......thanks for your talent in capturing history


  3. Bravo + well done
    giddy up , Carson