Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Daydream Can Drag You Back...

Taking a break between the Carmel Concours and the Monterey Motorsports Reunion finds me laptopping from a bench above the rocky outcroppings in Pacific Grove, Monterey. The surf and seaweed climbs and descends in white rivulets from blackened barnacle encrusted rocks. Farther out, two otters are sharing otter smack-talk which only they could get. Time seems endless...and the thought of the dog-days of summer creep in. It takes me back to the sound of the metal tray as it snaps onto the door, and the smell of burgers and fries only sweetens the smiles and laughter to the good vibes from the radio. Yep..., those were good summer days at the drive-in.

PS. Maybe it's time to do it again, forget the politics of the about cars...that sweetness is still there.

Image © Life archives.
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1 comment:

  1. THANKS !!

    FROM a time when it seemed convertibles surely outnumbered all the REST ! Count 'em.....they truly were the good old days