Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Speaking about Bonneville

The Brits were pretty keen on coming over here and running cars at Bonneville. Sir Malcolm Campbell in 1935 with his "Bluebird" burning the salt to a blistering 300+ MPH and later his son Donald Campbell with a new "Bluebird", returned to the salt, but ended with a high-speed crash in 1960.

On August 23rd, in 1957 Brit ace, Stirling Moss took the MG EX to a record 245.64 MPH in class at Bonneville. The special had a supercharged MGA Twin cam 1489cc engine producing 290hp. A couple of years later American drive Phil Hill took the revised MG EX-181 with a slightly larger engine out and set a new record, at 254.91 MPH. Check out the "BP" logos next to the sign...a better day for "BP!"

Stirling Moss breaking 5 speed records in the BMC MG EX - 181, at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Photo by Central Press/Getty Images

The EX - 181 looking rather slippery. Image, via.

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  1. There's that great MG logo that I remember so well from my MGB-GT 1974. I always wanted a MG-TA. :+) If I was a mechanic I'd get another. :+)

  2. Mary Ellen, You should get one...the twin-cam cars were badass! :-)