Sunday, October 31, 2010

Del Mar Concours

Yeah, on another adventure, I was off to the 'first' Del Mar Concours a few weeks ago to see what was happinin'... in the rain.

Soooo, I'm hanging out, checking out the Porsches in the show and up walks this guy with a camera. We got to talkin' and I find out he's a auto blogger with a love for 'British Iron'. He proceeds to tell me about his blog covering mostly British stuff here in San I think, maybe he'll share some of his photos with me. Well, check out the lighting in these, the first image is of blog follower George Alspaugh's Speedster. The next image is that of Skip Shirley's body manufacturers badge on his 356B, and the third image is Dan Swanson's 356C coupe. Cool images every one, thanks Nich.

If you have some time, here is Nich Ziesmer's blog:

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