Friday, September 4, 2020

Time Well Spent...

 Hi all,

With no shows for most of this year, I've been very lucky to have collectors calling me for projects. Some have had me working on their images for a print, others calling me for commissions, and yet others calling me with request for images to fit a special place in their home. So, for me I've been very lucky! I've had the ability to live with art during this period.

Which leads me to living with art is an undeniably enriching and emotional experience. I've been able to do it daily, if not with a camera, but then, on a computer creating. For example this commission. Cathy will be selling her car and wanted a shot of her and the car for remembrance. You ask, why the San Diego Stadium in the background and why the driving suite? Well, Cathy has been successfully racing her car for many years on tracks and got her start racing in the Stadium parking lot. That stadium will be torn down in the next two years. That's why this location.

You'll see how everything looked out of the camera with weeds, handicap parking signs, ugly paving, needing a new tree, and a better sky. As a fine art photographer I'm genuinely interested in the art of it all, especially in the finished piece.

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