Thursday, September 27, 2012

Coronado Speed Festival ... Replay 2012

Waking up before the rooster crows, it was gonna be a windshield sunrise kinda' morning. Into the car I went to head for the "15th Coronado Speed Festival," vintage racing at its San Diego best. After arriving, priority struck, so I hooked up with a "cup of joe" and with camera in the other hand, to stop the action, I made my way out onto the course. I thought to myself, "It's gonna be a good day."

More on the Speed Festival after the first photo, now enjoy what I came away with...

Coronado Speed Festival, the action never stopped. Image © "Along For The Ride"

The Coronado Speed Festival is put on by Fleet Week and HMSA to say "thank you" to the men and women of the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. After many years, the Speed Festival has grown to be the preeminent event of the largest military appreciation celebration in the country. This year also included for the first time, a SCCA Pro Racing Playboy Mazda MX-5 Cup race which will be televised at a later date, and the second SCRS Military Pit Crew Challenge for Sailors and Marines competing against the clock with a NASCAR-style pit stop change.

If you haven't tried this event, or thought about participating in vintage racing put it on your calendar for next year. It's usually scheduled for the forth weekend in September, so watch the blog calendar for the firm date in 2013. Remember, what could be more important than to do something good for the guys and gals that keep all of us safe!

Al Waterhouse in the Jag XK 150. Image © "Along For The Ride"

Reg Howell  from Corona Del Mar was driving a '67 Porsche 910.
Image © "Along For The Ride"

Puttin' the heat down. Image © "Along For The Ride"

Blog followers Joe Hofmann's rod and Mike Gagen's Carrera collecting a little morning sun.
Image © "Along For The Ride"

Thor Johnson in his sweet '67 Porsche 910. Image © "Along For The Ride"

Blog follower Hans Lapine, power down in his 914/6 GT. Image © "Along For The Ride"

Not today's Fiat....Image © "Along For The Ride"

Blog follower Kaid Marouf of La Jolla leads into turn 6 in his Ginetta.
Image © "Along For The Ride"

Blog follower Jeff Stout brought out his freshly restored number 186, GT 350.
Image © "Along For The Ride"

Turn 4, a great place to click the shutter. Image © "Along For The Ride"

Jack Inglis of Newport Beach in his 911S. Image © "Along For The Ride"

Just relaxing in the morning with the camera. Image © "Along For The Ride"

Blog follower Don Anderson in his Bobsy-Porsche gets the checker, what a sweet car!
Image © "Along For The Ride"

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  1. John, superb coverage of a great event!

  2. John your photos are awesome!
    You clearly get it...good on ya!
    "Remember, what could be more important than to do something good for the guys and gals that keep all of us safe!"
    Thanks for the fun photos of Joe's hot rod and my Carrera too.
    fwiw link to my in car video.
    Best to you,

  3. Mike emailed: Great pictures. How did you get the from above angle of the Bobsy Porshe at the finish line?

    Mike Partain

    1. Mike there was a crossover walkway for timing.