Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fiesta De La Carrera Mexicanas

Sometimes there's no cute word or clever phrase to sum up what an event is about, other than, "It's a good thing." If you're heading to "Monterey Car Week"....this is one event you may want to try on. Called "Fiesta De La Carrera Mexicanas," it's a gathering of  La Carrera cars and drivers at the ultimate car hangout, the "Baja Cantina" in Carmel Valley. The sixth annual, a benefit with all proceeds going to help support the Mexican nurse, Lupita Hernandez, who lost both her legs at the hip when a Carrera car went off the road and pinned her up against an ambulance. Check out the poster for more info.

For more info. email Bill Hemmer or Gerie Bledsoe.

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  1. Great opportunity to see several different classes of cars from sports car to stock cars and talk to the pilotos + co-pilotos of this historical vintage race
    there will also be several la Carrera items auctioned off .
    see ya thar, Carson Car #433