Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just Passin' Time...

Joe tugged the corner of his sweat laden hat to bring it down over his left eye. A gray-blue whiff of smoke from his unfiltered Chesterfield brought his right eye to squint. The coffin nail twiched up n' down between his chapped lips as he asked, "Where you goin'?" Betty turned and looked back as a shell of a smoldering ash from his cigarette hit the dusty ground. She had already loaded two suitcases in the Meissen Blue Speedster. Her reply said volumes...

OK, you have to make up the rest...I'm just hanging out and playing with my cell phone camera. Thought I would try something different, which image is your favorite?

Do you have a favorite, this is the place to click if you do.


  1. Keith Nelson emailed: The old faded one.

  2. Jack Bair Facebooked: Love the picture John! The lady is hot! Car isn't bad either! I like the 4th pic in sequence.

  3. That's a fun idea John!!! I've been playing with my phone-camera app too. It's funny, as photographers we spend so much $$ on camera equipment and photoshop ----then an app that replicates a $3 Hipstamtic camera is all the rage. Got to admit its cool though. Nice shot, clever idea!

  4. I like the original and the middle of the three in the "more" section. Totally great shot!