Monday, December 5, 2011

Drag Racing a 4 Cam... / Jack McAfee

This is for all my Porsche 356 buddies. Jack McAfee, the Hollywood Imports and Burbank Imports Porsche Dealer was not only a veteran lakes and road racer, he also challenged the Model A and Model B motors that dominated NHRA's X/Dragster class with this 600 pound 4 cam strip car that he built. The new car was running competitive mid-11s at 107 mph in the quarter. Notice it has no starter motor, is topped with Solex carbs and is seen wearing skinny Michelin tires.

Does anyone out there in the 356 world know any more about this car?

Image © Eric Rickman

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  1. Too cool. Don't know anything about it but sure would like to!

    1. I've got my Dad's old trophies from this car, but that was when it ran a push rod mill. He told me he had plans for upgrading to the 4-cam but this is the first time I've ever seen a photo of one installed.

      I wished I knew where it was...would make a great vintage piece or garage display.

      Rex McAfee

  2. You got that Rex. What a cool car, if you could find it.