Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Deuce of Spades

While scuffling along at the last Viva Las Vegas rod event, there's a black E-Z UP in the vendor area with a bitchin' '32 roadster sitting along side. Further investigating lead me inside the tent and a conversation with Faith Granger to find out about a movie the Deuce Of Spades. Purchased a copy to watch and gotta' see this film if you're into hot rods.

The Deuce Of Spades connects on an emotional level, it's an independent film made by a hotrodder, Faith Granger, for hotrodders. A film that doesn't come packed with made up special effects, but rather heart and soul with classic hot rods, music, and a look back in time. Faith is the creative force behind the full feature drama with a basic plot that goes like this,...when a hot rod girl finds an old mysterious letter dating back to the 50s hidden in her newly purchased roadster, she is left with nothing but questions. Tell me, don't you dig around in every car you buy, like a treasure hunt? She sets out to find the answers and retrace her deuce's past. But will learning the truth make a difference and can a broken man ever get a second chance at happiness long forgotten? The movie is set among a thriving car culture in rural So-Cal, 1952.

 "American Graffiti is a feel good movie about cruising and coming of age… and having fun.  Deuce of Spades, on the other hand, is an epic drama. It’s a long, intense, fun and at times a tear-jerker. It’s very dark and deep, inspiring, artistic and fun too! It’s a hot rod film with substance and that in itself has never been attempted.”- Faith Granger

'32 Deuce of Spades at Viva. Image © AFTR

Image © AFTR
Faith and her Deuce.

Faith had to finish the '32 before filming could start.

On location at El Mirage.

Classic shot.

Faith and the '32 at El Mirage.

On location.

Booming in a night scene.

"We had no money for motels so lead actor Tim McReynolds (JOHNNY CALLAWAY) was forced to sleep on a cott under the stars, anytime we filmed on location, which was 50% of our shoots." -Faith Granger

"Here, actress PeggieSue Honneyman Scott in wardrobe, is helping by holding the boom and my water while I block the scene. All my actors kept pitchin in to help make each shoot happen. They were really hard core about the film."- Faith Granger

"Here is my turn to fade out, as I had been working for 3 nights straight, with very little sleep and almost no food. And I can't say that the Deuce is the most comfortable bed." - Faith Granger 

You can find video trailers, more on the film, or to find a copy, click here.

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  1. Am I the only one that thought this movie was just ok at best, And someone is way to into herself.

  2. Spending some time talking with Faith at the last Viva, I understand how she felt about seeing her creation up on the big screen...pretty cool! I also came away knowing that she is a real "Hot Rod" girl. I'm sure this movie is not for everyone...but I liked the story and cinematography.