Saturday, July 9, 2011

Speed Shops / Makin my list and checkin it twice...

Before computers and ordering on line, all one had to do was head down to the local 'Speed Shop' to pick up what was needed for a Saturday project. Many an hour was spent just walking around checking out and dreaming about all the cool stuff you could put on your ride. "Hot Rod" Henry's was so typical of that kind of place, 'Lowering Blocks'...$2.99 or 'Moon Hub Caps'...$11.95. Life was so simple.

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  1. I miss speedshops... auto parts stores still have shiny bolt-on crap, but Pep Boys and AutoZone are shadows of what REAL enthusiast shop were once upon a time. Before I was old enough to drive a car, riding my Stingray after school to see what they had in the garage fueled fantasies of building a rod of my own. Sometimes me and my friends would hang out waiting for a pro-stock or dragster to fire up... the place was so close we could hear from our neighborhood, and that would send us scrambling to see what it was.

    Coolest thing we ever saw were Turbonique drag axles! And the rocket kits... every 12 year old wanted one on a go-kart!

    Probably a good thing mom & dad said no.

  2. Thanks Russ,
    Boy you've got that right. Great times those were.

  3. FredFinallyGotPorscheJuly 29, 2011 at 2:53 PM

    As a young man unable to afford real sports cars, (driving Fiats when I wanted Alfa's, driving anything when I wanted a Porsche) I knew some guys who actually raced SCCA. I would hang around their garages or pits at Riverside Raceway, hoping they might ask me to grab a wrench, hold something for them or go get something from the speed shop. My reward was hearing a race car light up. To this day, hearing a Can-Am car fire up brings me close to tears. Strange, huh?

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