Sunday, May 29, 2011

Micro Art / Sports Car Racing Programs ...1950's #2

A second look at micro art.

In this day of push-button high tech computer graphics, and high gloss print material, it's fun to look back to a time when covers of race programs were done with drawings, or B&W photos. Creativity done by X-acto knife in hand, with wax applied and pasted on thin cardboard layout boards. The words, images and colors were carefully cut overlays, photographed and burned into plates for printing. Most were two color, since the use of four color was cost prohibitive for most.

These images are of Sports Car Race programs in the 50's held in California, provided by blog follower Marty Goldsmith. They're simple little works of art depicting action, speed, humor and meant to stimulate spectators imaginations at race tracks that no longer exist.

Pebble Beach Road Races Program, the last year held at Pebble Beach. Some of the drivers running, Phil Hill in a Ferrari, Walt Hansgen in a Corvette, and Ernie McAfee in a Ferrari and OSCA.

These were the races that took over Pebble Beach now being held at a fledgling Laguna Seca with a new Laguna Seca Race Program. Some of the drivers running, Maston Gregory in a Maserati 4.7, Carrol Shelby in a Maserati, and Richie Ginther in a Ferrari Testa Rosa.

Fiesta Del Pacifico races being held in San Diego. Some of the drivers running were, Bruce Kessler in a Aston-Martin, Bill Krause in a Jaguar D type and Frank Monise in a Lotus VI.

The first Pomona Road Races program. Check out the guys running at this event, Ken Miles in a Porsche 550, Bob Bondurant in a Morgan+4, and Dan Gurney in a Porsche Speedster.

Here's a Bakersfield Road Races program which was held at Minter Field. Some of the drivers, Dan Gurney in a Porsche, Ruth Levy in a Porsche, and Richie Ginther in a Porsche 550 Spyder.
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  1. This post reminds me of the old days of my grand father whose photos I had come across and thats only inspired me of the craziness of car racing.