Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Micro Art / Sports Car Racing Programs ... 1950's

In this day of push-button high tech computer graphics, and high gloss print material, it's fun to look back to a time when covers of race programs were done with drawings, or B&W photos. Creativity done by X-acto knife in hand, then waxed and pasted on thin cardboard layout boards. The words, images and colors were carefully cut overlays, photographed and burned into plates for printing. Most were two color, since the use of four color was cost prohibitive.

These images are of Sports Car Race programs in the 50's held in California, provided by blog follower Marty Goldsmith. They're simple little works of art depicting humor and speed, at race tracks that no long exist.

Some of those competing in the 4th Santa Barbara Road Races were Ken Miles in his MG Special, James Dean in his Porsche Speedster, and Jack McAfee in his Porsche 550 Spyder.

Some running at the 6th Torrey Pines Road Races were Lance Reventlow in a MB 300SL, Kjell Qvale in a Lancia Spyder, and Ernie McAfee in a Ferrari Monza.

Competing at the 1st Grand Central Sports Car Races were, John von Neuman in a Porsche 550 Spyder, Pete Lovely in a Porsche Cooper, and Richie Ginther in a Ferrari Mondial.

The 9th Palm Springs Road Races had Ignacio Lozano in a D type Jaguar, E. Forbes-Robinson in an MGA, and Dan Gurney in a Triumph TR-2.

And lastly, some of those competing at the 5th Santa Barbara Road Races were Bob Bondurant in a Morgan+4, Chuck Daigh in a Troutman-Barnes Special, and Ken Miles in a Porsche 550 Spyder.

As you can read, this was a "Who's Who" of racing.

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  1. Allan emailed: Great stuff, Thanks. I think Marty Friedman and I attended many of these events as spectators.


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