Saturday, December 18, 2010

Some Comments...Skoolin'

There have been quite a few comments coming in on the last several posts, which is great...keep em' coming. I've also received emails on "How To Comment?" Read along and I'll try to explain.

At the bottom of each post is something that will say "Comment here" or "Click" with the words "Here/Click/Button" highlighted. That's the place to click.

You will then be taken to a screen that will say "Post a Comment". Write your comment then click on "Select Profile". If you have a Google Account you can use that or one of the others. If you have no account you can select Anonymous and just put your name at the end of your comment. Then hit "Post Comment."

When you do that, I will receive an email that you have posted a comment, I then can "Publish, Delete or Moderate" the comment. Since I'm kinda' a free speech guy, I post em'. So keep them coming.

If you are receiving this by email, to read the comments on any of the post, go back to the blog at:

To comment click here.

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