Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Paradise Mesa...'54

So I'm out messin' around at a cruise night and I come across this guys photo book on his car. I spotted this old image of his ride, and I snapped it with my I-Phone. It's the "Top Eliminator" at Paradise Drag Strip back in 1954.

This got me to thinkin', we should have "Trophy Queens" at all driving events today, and they should be clad in nothing but bathing suits. It seems with progress and all, us hard drivin' dudes have lost some very important perks.

So whadda you think?

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  1. I think your right John, perks :).

  2. Great idea John, but if the event is in winter and it's cold, why not give the lady a fur coat to wear until you snap the photo. :+) Can't blame me for trying this suggestion. :+)
    Take care.
    Mary Ellen

  3. Well it looks like the girls are two to one on this one. Yeah, we needs more "perks."